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‘Payday 2’ sells 1.58 million copies, 80% digital

Overkill Software’s heist fantasy Payday 2 has sold over 1.58 million copies in its first month, the vast majority of which came from digital storefronts. A mere 20% of sales were from boxed retail copies, leaving the rest to XBL, PSN and Steam. This is incredible news for the studio, as the title was already profitable […]Read More

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Starbreeze announces co-op shooter ‘Storm’

Without fanfare or pretense, Starbreeze Studios recently revealed a new co-op shooter entitled Storm. In fact, the unveiling came so quietly, in can hardly be referred to as an announcement. Last week, Starbreeze simply updated its website’s “Games” page to include Storm under “Currently in Development.” Storm joins Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the list of games in active development. Starbreeze […]Read More


Syndicate Demo Impressions

Early yesterday, the demo for the upcoming shooter Syndicate was released to the general online public for download.  EA and developer Starbreeze have put out quite a few trailers and gameplay videos for the game, but how well does the demo perform? To be honest, I had very little interest in Syndicate when it was […]Read More