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‘Final Fantasy XV’ being ported to Xbox One

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no longer a game that fans will be asking about each and every time Square Enix takes the stage. Why? Because the former PlayStation 3 action title has been transformed into the new, improved Final Fantasy XV. However, this development shift has also made it so that the game will […]Read More


E3 2013: Trailer for ‘Thief’

E3 doesn’t start until next week, but Eidos Montreal saw fit to release its E3 2013 trailer for Thief a few days early. In lieu of in-game footage, the live-action trailer shows protagonist Garrett doing what he does best; stealing stuff. [youtube id=”qwnHLHdxvqw” width=”620″ height=”360″] Thief is a reboot of the franchise bearing the same name, […]Read More


Square Enix charging $30 for ‘Tomb Raider’ language pack

Sometimes I really don’t understand Square Enix. The Tomb Raider reboot released in early March will finally reach Japanese shores later this month. Unfortunately, Japanese voice work wasn’t included in the original audio options. And with distribution services like Steam on PC, something had to be done. What was Square’s answer to this problem? A $30 “Japanese […]Read More