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New ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ trailer showcases combat evolution

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will conclude the XIII trilogy, and with it comes a new combat system. Choosing to depart even further from the battles of the original, Square-Enix will eliminate menus entirely, instead creating a new system which maps actions to face buttons. Dubbed the “Style-Change Active Time Battle” system, the goal is to provide more direct control over […]Read More


Square Enix Montreal’s next-gen ‘Hitman’ canceled in favor of mobile title

A next-gen outing for Square Enix’s Hitman franchise has been axed, it’s been confirmed. According to the LinkedIn profile of senior game designer Richard Knight, the latest console entry in the stealthy-assassination franchise – developed by Square Enix Montreal – was officially canceled last year. It’s not terribly surprising, as the company announced that studio’s […]Read More