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‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ on PC will not use GFWL

Batman: Arkham Origins on PC will not use Games for Windows – Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service for PC, according to a report from IGN. While Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City both used GFWL on the PC, Batman: Arkham Origins will instead use Valve’s Steamworks for the use of achievements and multiplayer. This […]Read More


Splash Damage releases pre-Alpha footage of ‘Dirty Bomb’

Late last month Brink developer Splash Damage announced its next project, Dirty Bomb. Continuing the flow of information, the developer decided to release some pre-Alpha multiplyer footage, showing off the game in its current state. Check out the action below. Different classes are shown, with medics reviving fallen teammates, snipers doing what they do best, and others just […]Read More


Splash Damage announces F2P shooter ‘Dirty Bomb’

Last week Splash Damage hinted at an upcoming announcement, and the studio came through with information on its next game. Dirty Bomb, as described on the official site, will be a free-to-play shooter exclusive to the PC. The trailer accompanying this reveal shows players running through a desolate version of London, littered with dead bodies and ruined […]Read More

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Splash Damage to reveal new project in six days

Splash Damage, a studio known for it’s multiplayer shooters, has been pretty quiet since the 2011 release of Brink. But, according to a teaser image recently found on it’s official site, this should change next Thursday, November 29th. When looking over the studio’s past work, which includes Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and the aforementioned Brink, we can […]Read More