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‘Resogun’ Review–Twitch, Shoot, Boost, EXPLODE!

As an early adopter for the new console generation I was incredibly excited that Housemarque, the development team behind the fantastic twitch-shooter series Super Stardust, would provide my first experience within this new realm of gaming. From the moment that you take control of your selected spacecraft in Resogun you get the feeling of the utmost […]Read More


‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ 4-player co-op coming post-launch

Wave-based cooperative multiplayer modes received a surge of popularity with Gears of War‘s Horde mode, and many shooters have been keeping in step with it ever since. Killzone: Shadow Fall has also been confirmed to receive such a mode, with the specifics being a bit…unspecific in terms of the date.  Shadow Fall game director Steven ter Heide, responding to […]Read More


Rumor: ‘Driveclub possibly delayed to 2014

It’s already been a rough week for gamers with the next-gen glint in their eye with the delay of both Watch Dogs and The Crew delayed to 2014. Now, it looks like Driveclub may also get smacked with a delay.  Driveclub is a racing game slated to be one of the PS4’s launch titles. There wasn’t a lot revealed […]Read More