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‘Slender: The Arrival’ coming to Steam next week

The game from the folks that started the whole Slender Man game craze, Slender: The Arrival, is finally making it to Steam just in time for Halloween. The Arrival will hit the digital storefront October 28th. Originally released in March, The Arrival builds on the original demo Slender: The Eight Pages which spread like wildfire midway through last year. Expanding on the […]Read More


‘Slender: The Arrival’ gets new, terrifying images

Gamers, as well as a few of our writers, have been wetting their collective pants over the past few weeks playing Mark Hadley’s Slender: The Eight Pages. The indie game, based on the Slender Man meme, is a short and sweet horror title that’s been gaining some small-time attention through forums and other social means, but the […]Read More


Slender: Source Is Attempting to Make It On Steam

Not too long ago, Valve announced the launch of Steam Greenlight.  The service allows individuals to pitch their games to the Steam community to have their game ultimately voted for or against.  If a game receives enough votes, it’ll see a release on Steam. While browsing through the laundry list of titles currently available to […]Read More


Along Came an Indie: Slender

Slender seriously freaked me out. Many games try to scare players, but the end result is usually ham-fisted and full of gore. Slender is subtle. It will creep up on you before you realize, and stare you down as you come to understand what really happened. You should probably play it before reading this, as the […]Read More