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‘SimCity’ delayed until March

The city-building simulator that started it all, SimCity, will be getting a reboot early next year. Despite the proposed release date for sometime now being in February, it’s now been announced that the game will be seeing a slight delay until March 5th for North America and March 8th for Europe. For those unfamiliar, SimCity allows players […]Read More


‘SimCity’ trailer highlights disasters

Looking forward to next year’s SimCity? We are too. But don’t get too excited, there’s always the possibility that setbacks could occur, specifically, disasters. Tornados, meteorites, earthquakes, and U.F.O.s could all be heading your way at some point. The question is, how will you rebuild? Maxis has released a new disasters trailer which shows you just […]Read More


SimCity’s Online Features Further Detailed

Announced at GamesCom were more of the online features of the upcoming SimCity. Dubbed SimCity World, the feature covers various aspects of the game. The friends area shows your friends and what they are up to, including updates on new leaderboard rankings, new goals reached, or open invites to play along with someone. You can […]Read More


Maxis Announces SimCity for PC in 2013

If you’re a fan of crafting your own dream city, then you’ll be happy to know that SimCity will be making a comeback next year.  During the EA Game Changers event at GDC 2012, EA & Maxis made it official that SimCity will be releasing in 2013. A rumor surfaced within the last few weeks […]Read More