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Amazon stops selling digital copies of ‘SimCity’

Well, it just got ugly. Amazon has put a halt on selling digital copies of SimCity. Amazon does not know when SimCity will be available for download again. “Many customers are having issues connecting to the “SimCity” servers. EA is actively working to resolve these issues, but at this time we do not know when the issue […]Read More


EA’s Changing Focus: Anti-Consumerism

EA is facing a crossroads at the end of this console generation. The internet has certainly made this seventh generation of hardware more attractive than any before, but not without their own special kind of bullshit interspersed. Day-one DLC, patch culture, retail specific pre-order DLC, and online passes have all paved the way for mega […]Read More


Interact with your neighbors in this new ‘SimCity’ gameplay video

If the last SimCity gameplay video tickled your fancy, then prepare yourself for some more awesome footage. This time around, lead designer Stone Librande, takes us through the intricacies of upgrading your buildings and interacting with neighboring cities to do some really interesting stuff. If you’re not up for the whole multiplayer thing, you can always play by yourself […]Read More