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Offline mode coming to ‘SimCity’

An offline mode is headed to SimCity, according to Maxis Emeryville’s Patrick Buechner. The addition, which will be coupled with the latest round of updates, will thankfully be free of charge. SimCity as it currently exists will still be accessible, for those who wish to play online, but the new single player mode will store data locally […]Read More


Maxis exploring the option of an offline mode for ‘SimCity’

The latest iteration of SimCity has certainly had a rough life. After a launch rife with connectivity issues, Maxis was confronted with a bit of a PR nightmare, mainly revolving around the game’s always online requirement. However, the studio is apparently still investigating offline options. In a recent blog post from Patrick Buechner, general manager of Maxis […]Read More


Why does EA pinch pennies? It works

Like a number of other industry members this week, Electronic Arts released its fourth-quarter fiscal results, completing its 2013 fiscal year. To the chagrin of many, the two-time “Worst Company in America” award winner has proven that its unpopular, profiteering ways continue to work. Before I continue, I should note that – despite the language […]Read More


Maxis looking into SimCity modding support

In the near future, it may be possible to mod your SimCities to your heart’s desire–and Maxis is totally cool with that. While some modding has already been done in the past, mainly by example-setting players exhibiting offline modes, Maxis wants a future patch to allow full modding support. The developer has already been utilizing […]Read More


First ‘SimCity’ DLC from Maxis is Nissan advertisement

Maxis and EA Games’ first chunk of post-release DLC for the troubled SimCity will help players go green via a Nissan LEAF Charging Station. A free in-game item that will bring a single wave of happiness to the nearby businesses, this Nissan-sponsored object produces no sewage or garbage – acting as a pollution-free structure. It’s self-sufficient, as it also […]Read More