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People Can Fly Now Owned By Epic Games

Word got out recently that about three employees left the Poland-based developer over the weekend but there was some bigger news to come out of it. In a conversation with Joystiq, its announced that Epic Games have now bought the developer. It’s no big surprise with Bulletstorm being published by Epic and the upcoming Gears […]Read More


Official Achievements for Inversion

Inversion, Saber Interactive’s cover-based shooter that promises to turn gravity on its head, has seen quite a few delays during its long development cycle. Most recently, Namco Bandai announced that it would be moved from June to a hazy July window, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from preparing for the¬†destructible¬†action in this third-person experience. There […]Read More


Spec Ops: The Line Preview

After an extended hush between 2005 and 2009, Take-Two announced the continuation of its long-running Spec Ops series in the form of Spec Ops: The Line. Headed by Yager Development, the third-person shooter made an impression through its dynamic terrain and unique setting of Dubai, but aside from a few gameplay videos, little was known […]Read More