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Official Achievements for ‘The Cave’

Double Fine sure has released a wide variety of games over the past few years, but the developer will be taking a cue from some older adventure games with the upcoming release of The Cave. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert will be working together to create something reminiscent of Maniac Mansion, with a multitude of playable characters and […]Read More


Leaked prototype footage shows Ruffian Games’ ‘Streets of Rage’

[youtube id=”JtOIdgP7U44″ width=”620″ height=”360″] In the last decade Sega has been through some tough times, struggling to find their niche. Right now they’re focusing mostly on their legacy, releasing versions of their classic games via the Sega Vintage Collections. In the past they’ve also attempted to revive their old 16-bit franchises, such as with the […]Read More


‘Yakuza 5’ demo hits Japan next week

A demo for Yakuza 5, the fifth entry in Sega’s open-world, action-adventure game, will be hitting Japan next week. This chunk of content will put you in the shoes of Kazuma Kiryu during some of the early portions of the game, and as you’d guess, you’ll be punching a whole bunch of dudes in the face […]Read More


Sega set to announce new game on Nov. 22

A teaser site that went live overnight reveals that Sega is prepping to announce a new game on Nov. 22 in Weekly Famitsu magazine. The teaser site shows an image of large metropolitan city with bats and other airborne creatures flying overhead. The site, titled “A.D. 2021 Tokyo,” simply states, “2012.11.22. On Weekly Famitsu!” This […]Read More


SEGA Renews Skies of Arcadia Trademark

A NeoGAF user has found a bit of news that should get Dreamcast fans a little happy in the pants: the trademark for fan-favourite Skies of Arcadia has been renewed. This news could very well point towards an HD re-release, or perhaps even a downloadable release on XBLA/PSN/eShop. Skies of Arcadia is an RPG synonymous with […]Read More