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Viral Max Payne 3 Promo is a Scam

If you happen to use Twitter and even remotely mention video games, there’s a rather high chance you’ve been approached by a Twitter handle mentioning a Max Payne 3 promotion.  Numerous Twitter handles are being used to facilitate this “promotion”, but they all point to the same handle that’s running the contest. The contest states […]Read More


PSA: Halo 4 Beta Sign-Ups Are a Scam

If you’ve received a message regarding a Halo 4 beta invite, we’d recommend not accepting it.  While anything regarding Halo 4 is incredibly exciting, the current supposed “beta” invites going out are nothing but a scam. Traditionally, invites for a beta have been handled through Microsoft or through the Crackdown series.  Unfortunately, there’s not a […]Read More


Online Theives Steal Millions From Xbox Live Users In Scam

In one of the largest scamming incidents in Xbox Live’s history, millions of dollars have been stolen by a group of online thieves in a scam that saw thousands of Xbox Live accounts get broken into. The story was first reported this morning by The Sun. Part of the ruse involved a “phishing” con where […]Read More