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‘Saints Row IV’ rated MA 15+ in Australia

According to local distributor AIE Interactive, a modified version of Saints Row IV has received a rating in Australia. Earlier this week we learned that the Australian Classification Review Board had once again refused to rate the unedited version of Saints Row IV, claiming “drug use related to incentives and rewards” as the reason. Apparently all that needed […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ denied classification in Australia again

About a month ago we learned that Saints Row IV was denied an age classification in Australia, and after further attempts from developer Volition, the judgement remains the same. When put up once gain to the necessary three person panel, the raunchy open-world game was unanimously shot down. Rumors have circulated about a “low violence” edition of Saints […]Read More


E3: ‘Saints Row IV’ never-before-seen gameplay

Sparse gameplay and several trailers are what we’ve been getting for Volition’s Saints Row IV so far, but Connected Digital World brings us some very solid gameplay footage with a sizeable amount of open-world mayhem. The first video shows off one of the first missions of the game, in which the aliens attack the White House and […]Read More