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‘Saints Row IV’ Inauguration Station now available

If you can’t wait for Saints Row IV to release later this month, you can try your hand at the recently released Inauguration Station. The station gives players a head-start, allowing them to customize their protagonist a few weeks early. Available through Steam, the station is a standalone character creation system with all the amenities that will […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ denied classification in Australia again

About a month ago we learned that Saints Row IV was denied an age classification in Australia, and after further attempts from developer Volition, the judgement remains the same. When put up once gain to the necessary three person panel, the raunchy open-world game was unanimously shot down. Rumors have circulated about a “low violence” edition of Saints […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ has gone gold

The latest entry in the Saints Row franchise has gone gold. The announcement comes via the official Facebook page. Now that work on Saints Row IV is complete, the post goes on to explain plans for DLC. A director’s Cut of Enter the Dominatrix, previously scheduled to release for Saints Row: The Third, will launch some time after Saints Row IV ships. This first […]Read More


‘Saints Row IV’ walkthrough video

When the original trailer for Saints Row IV was released, several fans echoed the concern that it looked very similar to Saints Row: The Third. There was also the concern that a planned DLC for that game eventually just got rolled into another full game. Hopefully, this new walkthrough video should alleviate the fears of even the most […]Read More