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Why I’m already bored of the PS4 & Xbox One

As the next-generation looms, both launch line-ups leave me underwhelmed, and I’m not personally seeing anything truly interesting in AAA games. Sure they have a lot of third-party support from Ubisoft, and both consoles have their share of first-party exclusives in the retail department. But I find myself just not feeling any of the games […]Read More


‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ uses microtransactions

Crytek’s Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome will have microtransactions worked into its multiplayer. The game will provide various packs, tiered as Bronze, Silver or Gold, which will give the player a random assortment of armor upgrades. These packs can be purchased with an in-game currency that accumulates as you play, but you can also spend […]Read More


‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ multiplayer showcased with Gladiator mode

With the Xbox One launching later this year, Ryse: Son of Rome looks to be one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives. During E3 we were shown a glimpse at the game’s singleplayer portion, but the game’s multiplayer was recently showcased at Gamescom. The multiplayer portion that was shown is called Gladiator mode. It’s a cooperative experience that puts […]Read More