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Leaked Documents Reveal That ‘Fallout 4’ Is In Development

After a hoax that—in the opinions of Fallout fans the world over—was little more than a statement of virtual false hope-inducing cruelty, an anonymous source has revealed that the previously stated series is to get a new installment. Currently in development, the latest addition of the Fallout series—first reported on Kotaku—is to be set on […]Read More


Rumor: Sony will have 16 million PS4 units at launch

It has become an expectation lately for a new console launch to be met with unit shortages as companies fail to correctly gauge consumer demand (or they know what they’re doing and want to watch the world burn). Sony, however, will have none of that. PlayStation Universe, citing the “all-knowing” “sources” manufacturing console components, Sony […]Read More


Next Xbox rumors hit, mention Blu-Ray & Kinect 2.0

Over the weekend, the good people over at CVG got their hands on the final issue of UK magazine Xbox World. While that would be nothing special in most circumstances, the cover story of this particular issue was an eight page feature detailing everything about the next Xbox console. Rumored specifications include a Blu-Ray drive, […]Read More


Rumor: Wii U’s final specs uncovered

As the new wave of consoles draws ever closer, the wave of information  regarding new hardware and software becomes ever more plentiful. VG Leaks seems to have uncovered the final, official specs for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. Leaked by an anonymous source, these specs can apparently only be viewed at Nintendo’s developer’s site at […]Read More