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Dragon’s Dogma Preview

If there’s one thing that both Capcom games and hack and slash titles have in common, it’s a tendency to be linear, guided experiences that hinge on a strong character. Devil May Cry, Onimusha, God Hand – if Capcom’s behind the wheel of a game with a sharp weapon in it, expect narrow paths and […]Read More


South Park: Stick of Truth Title Confirmed

Earlier in the year, Obsidian and THQ announced that a new South Park title was in development.  No official title had been announced at that point, and the title was ultimately just being referred to as the “South Park RPG”. Thanks to a wonderful leak on the Xbox Live Marketplace, the official name for the […]Read More


The Witcher 2 Receives Discounted Price Today

Even though it was released only a few short weeks ago, you’re being given the opportunity to get The Witcher 2 at a discounted rate today.  After receiving rather rave reviews since its launch, Amazon is offering the title for $15 off today. Worried that you won’t be able to follow along with the story […]Read More