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Major ‘GTA 5’ DLC expected in 2014

“Substantial” story DLC is scheduled to release in 2014 for Rockstar’s latest crime-filled extravaganza GTA V. According to the latest Newswire, the studio plans to release more adventures revolving around the game’s trio of main characters. The stream of content for GTA Online also continues this month, with the deathmatch mode and race creator beta releasing this week. […]Read More


5 pieces of ‘GTA V’ DLC we want to see

Now that GTA V has been out for a month, players have had plenty of time to play through the activities and missions, find the cool cars, and exhaust the stories of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. While any DLC is likely a while off, there’s little doubt that Rockstar is already working on some additional content. That […]Read More