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Harmonix announcing a new game tomorrow, not ‘Rock Band’ or ‘Dance Central’

The trend of announcing announcements via Twitter continues, this time with Rock Band developer Harmonix. According to a tweet from the studio’s official account, a new game will be announced tomorrow, and it won’t be Rock Band or Dance Central related. Founded in 1995, Harmonix initially gained popularity through titles such as FreQuency and its sequel Amplitude. The studio later law success with its work […]Read More


New tracks hit ‘Rock Band 3’ next week

Though it’s hard to deny that the Rock Band franchise is dwindling in popularity, EA and Harmonix are still working to keep the series relevant. Their latest attempt comes in the form of New Year DLC tracks for Rock Band 3, as revealed at Rockband.com. Releasing Dec. 30 for Xbox 360, Jan. 2 for Wii, and Jan. […]Read More


Rumor: New Harmonix Project to Feature Combat

According to a job listing on Gamasutra, the next Harmonix game to release could very well feature some form of combat. For those reading this thinking “what’s so special about that?”, take a second to realize that Harmonix have become famous for being a heavy-hitting developer of the music game genre. With titles like the […]Read More


The Black Keys Coming to Rock Band Again Next Week

If you haven’t had much of a reason to turn on Rock Band recently, you’ll have one next week.  Rock Band will be receiving three more tracks from The Black Keys next week on August 21st. The three tracks coming as part of “The Black Keys Pack 02” are: Howlin’ for You, Tighten Up, and Lonely […]Read More


Rumor: The Harmonix Next Title to Be Rock Band Blitz

A few weeks ago we found information that detailed potential information on the next title from Harmonix.  The title ways said to have heavy social network integration as well as being a downloadable title through Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. While Harmonix seemed to deny the report, it appears that there is validation thanks […]Read More