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Harmonix Makes Rock Band Blitz Coin Economy Tweaks

Those who’ve been playing Rock Band Blitz since day one are well aware that the coin situation can be kind of wonky. Sometimes you wouldn’t get aptly rewarded while other times your abilities would simply disappear. In response to user feedback, Harmonix has made a couple of changes which basically boil down to earning more coins per […]Read More


Official Trophy List For Rock Band Blitz

With Tuesday being the launch for Harmonix’s first arcade venture, Rock Band Blitz, an official trophy list has surfaced naming and defining each of the goals. The most difficult of them emphasize mastering the 25 songs that are included with the game (Most Rock Band Network songs are compatible as well). Worth noting is the fact […]Read More


Rock Band Blitz Date and Price Announced

Music games have had their ups and downs over the past decade, but the team at Harmonix is still fighting the good fight with their next title Rock Band Blitz. According to Harmonix we can expect it on PSN August 28th and on XBLA the 29th, for $14.99 and 1200 MSP respectively. With their latest entry, Harmonix […]Read More


Talking Rock Band 3 DLC with Two Tribes’ Courtney Fortune

StickSkills.com recently had the chance to talk with Courtney Fortune of electro/synth-pop duo Two Tribes in reference to their latest single Madly, which will be joining the already massive roster of available downloadable content in Rock Band 3. Teaming up with Rock Band Relief, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to […]Read More


Rumor: The Harmonix Next Title to Be Rock Band Blitz

A few weeks ago we found information that detailed potential information on the next title from Harmonix.  The title ways said to have heavy social network integration as well as being a downloadable title through Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. While Harmonix seemed to deny the report, it appears that there is validation thanks […]Read More