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PAX East: ‘Rise of the Triad’ is f***ing awesome

As I hurtled down a hallway launching Drunken Rockets at my opponents–body limbs flying like confetti–I could only think one thing: “This is fucking awesome.” Back in the wild and wooly days of 1994, shareware was the distribution method of choice for PC games. Remember the good ol’ days when you could download episode one […]Read More


Rise of the Triad Gets a Price and Free DLC

Fans of the classic PC shooter Rise of the Triad got a few more bits of information concerning the upcoming re-make at this years QuakeCon. To begin, the game will cost $14.99, be DRM free, and all DLC after release will be free. This alone is a commendable list we can get excited about, but it appears that […]Read More