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Review: Turtle Beach XP Seven headset

Turtle Beach is a company we PC builders are all familiar with. The best competition Creative ever had in the sound card space, Turtle Beach has been making quality computer audio parts since the mid-90’s. But with the advent of integrated audio on motherboards now rivaling sound card quality, the audio company needed a new […]Read More


‘Muramasa: Rebirth’ Review

When the original PSP released, it was almost immediately the victim of shovelware—countless ports being dumped onto the system, ranging in quality, for the mere sake of having games on the handheld. It set a tragic expectation for the low caliber of ports on handheld devices, but at the same time made the rare occasion […]Read More


‘Marvel Heroes’ Review

Nothing compares to the loot lust of dungeon-crawling RPGs. Grinding toward that next big bonus item that buffs your character beyond reasonable heights creates a rush that not much else in gaming is able to replicate. Gazillion Entertainment decided to take that feeling and expand it into a massively multiplayer, free-to-play setting with a constantly […]Read More