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Madden NFL 12 Review

The release of Madden NFL 12 has become one of the biggest days of the year for football fans, aside from the start of the season. Local retailers are flooded for midnight launches, and a vacation or sick day is often used to get in precious time with the title. With the game seeing a […]Read More


Review: Onlive System

The idea of having a persistent streaming video game without any special requirements such as a dedicated console is something that consumers will be leaning towards in this digital age. The OnLive console provides one of the easiest ways to play the latest games with only an internet connection. This two-part system, one which is […]Read More


Tritton AX Pro Headset Review

On the competitive gaming landscape, headsets have become one of the most important accessories you can have. With headsets allowing you to tune various channels to your liking, having a great headset can take your game to where you’ve always wanted it to be. Whether you’re a Call of Duty fan, music lover, cinema buff, […]Read More


L.A. Noire Review

While most developers are worried about what the future might hold and post-apocalyptic destroyed worlds, developer Team Bondi takes us all back to a simpler time of the 1940’s set against the back drop of Los Angeles, California. The golden age of Hollywood has captured the city and has led to a great economic boom with movies […]Read More


Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Review

It has been three months since Treyarch was able to give the community the first taste in the downloadable content map packs, now they bring us an over-the-top experience with “Escalation”. After the first content was released to the public Treyarch has been hard at work listening to the feedback and suggestions from the community […]Read More