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Costume designer lists ‘Resident Evil 7’ on LinkedIn

The franchise that created the survival horror genre continues to shamble along like the walking dead, it seems. As the super-sleuths over at the NeoGAF forums pointed out, costume designer Karen Brakenridge listed time doing design for “the video game Resident Evil 7,” on her LinkedIn page, which points to the possibility that Capcom is […]Read More


RUMOR: ‘Resident Evil 7’ may be unveiled at E3

Despite underwhelming commercial and critical response to the sixth entry, Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise may not be DOA just yet, if a new rumor is to be believed. VG24/7 reports the discovery of a reported teaser poster for Resident Evil 7, with verbiage suggesting the reveal is intended to come at next month’s E3, just a […]Read More


Really Big Snake in ‘Resident Evil 6’ Gamescom Demo

As if that headline didn’t tell you all you need to know. In the following video, presented by Capcom at last week’s Gamescom conference, long-time Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield fights a giant snake in his latest adventure. Of course, “Chris 6.0” seems to be cheating when compared to his predecessors–he can actually move when using […]Read More