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New Resident Evil Trailer Reveals New Release Date

Remember when Capcom told you that Resident Evil 6 would be launching in November of 2012? Yeah, forget that.  Before you go ahead and rage quit live over the “change” of a release date, it’s actually good news regarding the date. Capcom’s latest trailer for Resident Evil 6, which we’ve included for you below, shows […]Read More


Resident Evil 6 to Feature Multiplayer & 6 Player Co-op

Over the past two weeks, its hard to find a game that has received more attention than Resident Evil 6.  To rumors of its existence, to potential announcement, characters, and finally an announcement, there has been an absolute ton of coverage on the game.  With a title as potentially big as Resident Evil 6, the […]Read More


Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 6; Announces Release Date

Resident Evil 6 has caused quite the stir on the internet the past few days.  From rumors in regards to who the main characters will be, to the viral campaign that lead up to today’s announcement, we’re happy to finally see the title confirmed. Capcom sent over a press release today announcing the title, and […]Read More


Resident Evil 6 Confirmed & Release Date Announced

The past 24 hours have been quite jam-packed with Resident Evil 6 rumors.  A rumor surfaced that the title is scheduled to be announced today, along with a rumor mentioning who the main characters would be for the title. We’re happy to confirm today, thanks to IGN, that the official release date for Resident Evil […]Read More


Rumor: Resident Evil 6 to be Revealed Tomorrow

Resident Evil fans have been begging for the title to be announced for quite some time, but it appears that Resident Evil 6 may finally be revealed tomorrow.  A rather interesting viral website has popped up on the internet, and the currently clues seem to be pointing towards a reveal of a new Resident Evil title. […]Read More