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Gears of War Judgment Releasing in March 2013

While we’ve typically seen a two year time period in between releases of the Gears of War franchise, that appears to  be changing.  According to a tweet released by X-Play yesterday, we can expect Gears of War Judgment much sooner than next fall. The tweet stated that Gears of War Judgment is coming in March […]Read More


The Walking Dead: Episode 3 Releasing in August

With the release of the first two episodes, TellTale Games has a hit on their hands.  Fans from all different platforms have played through each episode and applauded the game for its great story. Can’t wait for the release of episode 3? Well, you won’t have to wait very long at all.  TellTale Games announced […]Read More


Terminal Coming to Modern Warfare 3 This Month

A few weeks back, the very first footage of Terminal in Modern Warfare 3 leaked onto the internet.  Fans  have known for quite awhile that Terminal was coming, but the mention of a release date has been a silent subject for Infinity Ward and Activision. That changes today, as Infinity Ward has announced the release […]Read More


Rumor: Grid 2 Currently in Development

Back in 2008, Codemasters released one of the more beloved racing games on this generation of consoles.  That game was GRID, and fans have been hoping for a sequel since shortly after the release of the first game. The chance of a sequel appears to be rather high, after a rumor surfaced via CVG.  The […]Read More