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EA: NBA Live 13 Has Not Been Cancelled

Quite a bit of speculation has risen the past few days regarding the status of NBA Live 13.  After the a financial call for EA yesterday, it was quickly noticed that NBA Live 13 was absent from their list of fall and winter releases. Speaking with Owen Good at Kotaku, EA SPORTS has confirmed that […]Read More


Grand Theft Auto V’s Viral Marketing Begins

While most of us are looking for a release date for Grand Theft Auto V, it appears that Rockstar won’t give it to us that easy.  Yesterday, we expected Rockstar to announce a timeframe for the release of Grand Theft Auto V, but ultimately we were left with nothing. Back in the days of San […]Read More


NBA 2K13 Receives Jay Z as Executive Producer

In a rather surprise announcement, 2K Sports has announced that Jay Z has been working on NBA 2K13 as an executive producer.  Jay Z is a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and has been providing feedback on the music, menus, and the overall look and feel of the game. While we haven’t seen much […]Read More


Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Watch

In a few hours, Take Two will be holding its Q1 2013 investor call.  Why should you actually care about this?  Due to the call discussing financials in that specific quarter, it’s likely that a Grand Theft Auto V release date will be revealed. While it’s not an absolute guarantee to hear mention of the […]Read More


3 Reasons Why the Wii U Will Release in November

The first console of the “next-generation” is set to be the Wii U, but Nintendo fans are anxious to see when the system will release.  While the console was on demo at E3 2012, the only hint at a release date has been “Holiday 2012”. While there’s only speculation at this point, we believe that […]Read More