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Borderlands 2 ‘Come and Get Me’ Trailer Unleashed

Next month, you won’t be going outside very much.  Why’s that, you ask?  The launch of Borderlands 2 and its 58-hour campaign will have you spending quite a bit of time indoors when it releases. As you count down the days until the release of Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software has unleashed a brand new trailer […]Read More


Madden NFL 13 Demo Launching Next Week

At the end of this month, you’ll finally have your chance to play the full version of Madden NFL 13.  While you’re counting down the days until the release, how does a demo of Madden NFL 13 coming next week sound? We thought you’d like that.  Operation Sports is reporting that the Playstation Blogcast has […]Read More


Microsoft Confirms Existence of a Next-Gen Xbox

We all know that the next generation of video game systems will be coming, but the question for most people has been more of a “when” than “if”.  Most gamers expect to see the systems within the next two years, and Microsoft has just added to that theory. While speaking to The Verge, Brian Hall […]Read More


Rumor: Half-Life 3 Being Developed on Source 2 Engine

Over the past few weeks, a plethora of incredible pieces of machinima have been generated thanks to the Source Filmmaker from Valve.  Don’t believe us? Then check out our recent winner of Best Gaming Clip of the Week. The folks over at ValveTime.net have discovered something interesting in the code for the Source Filmmaker, however.  How […]Read More


LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Receives a Release Date

While the Playstation Vita had a solid release lineup, it’s definitely been lacking the quality games you would typically expect from Sony.  All of that changes this September as LittleBigPlanet PS Vita will finally be coming to the handheld device. Fans in Europe will be able to pick up the game on September 19th, while […]Read More