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Cliff Bleszinski wants to fix ‘Resident Evil’

Cliff Bleszinski, fondly known as Cliffy-B, offered a helping hand to the folks at Capcom, hoping to help the Japan-based gamemaker rebuild the Resident Evil franchise. “Hey Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together,” said Bleszinski in a tweet over the weekend. Bleszinski, who recently left Epic Games after creating the quite successful […]Read More


Really Big Snake in ‘Resident Evil 6’ Gamescom Demo

As if that headline didn’t tell you all you need to know. In the following video, presented by Capcom at last week’s Gamescom conference, long-time Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield fights a giant snake in his latest adventure. Of course, “Chris 6.0” seems to be cheating when compared to his predecessors–he can actually move when using […]Read More


New Resident Evil Trailer Reveals New Release Date

Remember when Capcom told you that Resident Evil 6 would be launching in November of 2012? Yeah, forget that.  Before you go ahead and rage quit live over the “change” of a release date, it’s actually good news regarding the date. Capcom’s latest trailer for Resident Evil 6, which we’ve included for you below, shows […]Read More


Resident Evil 6 Confirmed & Release Date Announced

The past 24 hours have been quite jam-packed with Resident Evil 6 rumors.  A rumor surfaced that the title is scheduled to be announced today, along with a rumor mentioning who the main characters would be for the title. We’re happy to confirm today, thanks to IGN, that the official release date for Resident Evil […]Read More