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Vita Sales Sit at 2.2 Million, PSP Outselling it 2:1

According to the most recent reports coming from Sony (which released on June 30), just 2.2 million wild PlayStation Vita consoles have been freed into the wild. PlayFront¬†revealed the handheld’s unimpressive numbers to the world first, which have increased by 400,000 units since the last update on March 31. What’s most interesting, though, is what […]Read More


Sony: No PSP UMD Conversion Coming for PS Vita

If you had an awesome PSP game and were looking forward to continuing your progress on your Vita through Sony’s UMD conversion plan, it’s time to start picking tombstones out for your save files. In an article from 1Up, it has been confirmed that Sony will not be offering a way to copy your UMD […]Read More