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The Simpsons Arcade Game Set For PSN Release

If you were gaming back in 1991, you may remember the Simpsons making an appearance in a beat-em-up style game found in arcades everywhere. Even though I was only one year old, I remember like it was yesterday. Alright, not really. Fast forward over twenty years, young and older alike will have a chance to […]Read More


Reminder: Playstation Network Down for Maintenance

You turned on your Playstation 3 or PSP today for a little fun, and wait, what’s that? You can’t access the Playstation Network.  Your day scheduled to be filled with nothing but online multiplayer has now been wrecked, but why? Don’t worry, the Playstation Network is down for routine maintenance. Sony issued an official statement […]Read More


Klei Entertainment Releases Shank 2 Gameplay

With the release of Shank in 2010 Klei Entertainment has been hard at work on a sequel. We just got our hands on some new footage from the upcoming Shank 2 which you can find below. Shank is a 2D cinematic brawler inspired by classic beat ‘em ups and graphic novels. Right now there isn’t […]Read More


New I Am Alive Trailer Offers Survival 101

I Am Alive is thankful to still be breathing itself after years of development limbo where it was tossed around various studios and eventually redesigned as an arcade game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Today, a new trailer for the game was released by Ubisoft and offers a handful of survival tips for the […]Read More