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Harmonix Set to Debut New Game at PAX East

Most gamers this generation have dabbled into the plastic instrument world at some point or another.  While Guitar Hero is no more, Harmonix has taken over the “music” genre with both Rock Band and Dance Central. A few weeks ago, we stumbled upon news that appeared to point to a brand new Rock Band title […]Read More


FIFA Street Demo Available Today on PS3 & Xbox 360

On the last generation of consoles, EA BIG delivered both the FIFA Street series and the NFL Street series.  Both were incredibly interesting to start, but they each eventually wore out their welcome as the series lost their direction. EA SPORTS is back with FIFA Street and they’ve rein-visioned the series as a whole.  The same gameplay […]Read More


Binary Domain Demo Coming to XBLA & PSN This Week

If you’re on the fence with purchasing Binary Domain, which launches later this month, SEGA is here to help you make a decision.  Today, SEGA has announced that a demo for Binary Domain will be making its way to both Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. The demo is set to allow gamers to […]Read More


Official List of Trophies for The Darkness II

Tomorrow, The Darkness II will launch and allow you to quad-wield your way through excessive amounts of destruction.  While the original The Darkness may have been under the radar and not up to par for what fans expected, The Darkness II looks to erase all of those doubts. Thanks to our friends over at PS3trophies.org, […]Read More


Playstation Network Down for Scheduled Maintenance Today

If you turned on your Playstation 3 today in hopes to enjoy features of the Playstation Network, then you’re in for a little letdown.  If you’ve been staring at an error code or unable to figure out what’s going on, don’t worry, it’s not your system. The Playstation Network is observing scheduled maintenance today until […]Read More