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GTA III Now Available on the PSN

A few days ago we brought you news on Grand Theft Auto III launching on the Playstation Network.  It was a rather surprise announcement, but Grand Theft Auto fans were happy to have something GTA related to help hold them over. If you’ve been waiting patiently, you can finally head on over to the Playstation […]Read More


Dawnguard PS3, PC News Coming ‘Later This Week’

Last week, when Bethesda did not reveal the “Dawnguard” DLC for Skyrim on PS3 and PC, people started to worry the expansion might never come. As many noted, Microsoft and Bethesda agreed to a 30-day period of Xbox 360 exclusivity for Skyrim’s DLC. When “Dawnguard” released on Xbox Live last month (on June 26, to be precise) […]Read More


Playstation Network Down for Maintenance Today

If you’re looking to play quite a bit of multiplayer today on the Playstation Network, your plans have probably been derailed.  Earlier in the week we posted about the Playstation Network receiving maintenance today, and the PSN is officially down for the remainder of today. If you happened to have signed in to the PSN […]Read More


PSN Going Down for Maintenance Thursday

Don’t panic, but the PlayStation Network will be going black for a possible 16 hours this Thursday due to maintenance. Starting July 26 at 4pm GMT, numerous features tied to Sony’s online service will be unavailable. PlayStation Store access, account management and registration will be taken away until 8am on Friday, but online play may still be possible. “If you […]Read More


Rock Band Blitz Date and Price Announced

Music games have had their ups and downs over the past decade, but the team at Harmonix is still fighting the good fight with their next title Rock Band Blitz. According to Harmonix we can expect it on PSN August 28th and on XBLA the 29th, for $14.99 and 1200 MSP respectively. With their latest entry, Harmonix […]Read More


How Sony Lost ‘Limbo’ Exclusivity

On July 21, 2010, Limbo released on the Xbox Live Arcade to an outpouring of positive critical feedback. Said feedback did nothing but drive gamers to spend their Microsoft points on this fresh indie game  and developer Playdead Studios couldn’t have been happier. Sony, on the other hand, was not rejoicing quite so much. As it […]Read More