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Release Date for Mortal Kombat Vita Version Confirmed

If you own a Playstation Vita, chances are that you’re looking forward to getting your hands on Mortal Kombat for the system.  A release date has been teased for “coming soon”, but nothing concrete so far. Warner Bros. confirmed this morning that the game will release on the system on May 1st in North America. […]Read More


Amazon Offering Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Games

It’s been a busy first few months for video game fans.  A slew of quality releases have hit your favorite retailers, but buying every game that you want hasn’t been the most feasible option.  If you’ve been waiting for a great deal, then Amazon’s running a great special for you. Amazon hasn’t specified an end […]Read More


Gamestop & Best Buy Holding Incredible Trade-In Events

From the consumer standpoint, trading in games can often times feel like a complete ripoff.  It’s a little frustrating to pay $60 for a game and only receive a fraction of the game back based on the company’s perspective. If you’ve been holding off from trading games recently, then this week holds the perfect opportunity […]Read More


Street Fighter X Tekken Review

Have you ever played a crossover fighting game and wondered who could have possibly came up with the idea of meshing two completely different worlds into a ridiculous circus sideshow of a game? We’ve all been there at least once, and it’s usually not pretty. Luckily for fans of two fighting behemoths, Street Fighter X […]Read More