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‘Project P-100’ becomes ‘The Wonderful 101’

Platinum Games’ upcoming Wii U exclusive (besides sexy Bayonetta 2) has finally gotten a name besides its working title. Say hello to The Wonderful 101 and goodbye to Project P-100. The new trailer shows off some of the cool gameplay involved. I got a chance to play this at PAX Prime and it’s a really […]Read More


Platinum Games’ Project P-100 a Wii U Launch Title

Still unsure of what’s really coming out on the Wii U after Nintendo’s E3 press conference? The actual launch lineup may be hazy, but add Platinum Games’ Project P-100 to the list. It may have been oddly absent from Nintendo’s conference, but don’t let this quirky little title from the developers of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear […]Read More