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‘NHL 13’ Preview

Promoting the biggest relaunch of its NHL franchise in years, EA Sports has been giving the gaming community the hard sell when it comes to NHL 13. Releasing more campaign videos than some presidential candidates, EA is trying their damnedest to show that owners of NHLs 11 and 12 need to upgrade this year, or […]Read More


NHL 13: 3 Things to Dream About Until Launch

Over the last three years, EA Sports has managed to dominate the NHL video game market. In fact, last year, 2K Sports dropped out of the race alltogether, leaving EA with (practically) an NHL monopoloy. Of course, it’s no accident that the publisher’s NHL series has risen to the top. Critics and fans seem to […]Read More


Gravity Rush Preview

Sometimes, a piece of hardware needs to be flipped on its head in order to find new success. The PlayStation Vita has flatlined since release due to inconsistent software and a lack of a real killer app, and while the mind-bending Gravity Rush may be taking my first statement a little bit too literally, this […]Read More


Spec Ops: The Line Preview

After an extended hush between 2005 and 2009, Take-Two announced the continuation of its long-running Spec Ops series in the form of Spec Ops: The Line. Headed by Yager Development, the third-person shooter made an impression through its dynamic terrain and unique setting of Dubai, but aside from a few gameplay videos, little was known […]Read More


Dragon’s Dogma Preview

If there’s one thing that both Capcom games and hack and slash titles have in common, it’s a tendency to be linear, guided experiences that hinge on a strong character. Devil May Cry, Onimusha, God Hand – if Capcom’s behind the wheel of a game with a sharp weapon in it, expect narrow paths and […]Read More


Syndicate Demo Impressions

Early yesterday, the demo for the upcoming shooter Syndicate was released to the general online public for download.  EA and developer Starbreeze have put out quite a few trailers and gameplay videos for the game, but how well does the demo perform? To be honest, I had very little interest in Syndicate when it was […]Read More