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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Now Available

For fans of golf both real and virtual, today is going to be a great day.  EA SPORTS is releasing Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 today. This year’s title boasts an impressive amount of features with two of the biggest highlights being the online country clubs and […]Read More


Darksiders II Release Date & Pre-Order Incentives

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering Darksiders II from Best Buy, Amazon, or Gamestop maybe I can help you make your decision.  THQ announced the pre-order incentives this morning on their forums. The pre-order incentive varies with each individual retailer.   Continue reading below for the full list of details for each pre-order incentive from the […]Read More


Lollipop Chainsaw Pre-Order Details Announced

If you’re still looking for a place to pre-order Lollipop Chainsaw, then we have a few details for you to help narrow down that decision.  Warner Bros has announced pre-order incentives from various retailers and outlets Pre-order bonuses will be available from Amazon, Gamestop, and Best Buy.  Each bonus nets you at least different outfits […]Read More