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Pokédex 3D Pro Gets a Release Date

Been sitting around, scratching your head over how to use the 3DS’ current Pokédex app and what to do with it? Well, Nintendo’s revision of the software will finally be arriving on November 8th of this year via the eShop. As it stands, the current version of Pokédex 3D has left most Pokémaniacs underwhelmed. The […]Read More


Top 5 Games for Cheaters

A Little History ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA And the world was turned on its head. Figuratively speaking, anyway. In actuality, the above series of button presses granted a player instant access to all of the power ups in the NES side-scrolling shooter, Gradius. This code, created in 1986 by a Konami developer hoping to speed through the testing […]Read More