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‘Tearaway’ Review: A gimmick no more

Playstation Vita has been off to a slow start, some might argue, with many games being ports, remakes, or the indie games we already played last year on PC. It boasts strange hardware features like a rear touch pad, two cameras facing inwards and outwards, and a touch screen. The Vita boasts a host of […]Read More


Sony to offer PS4/Vita bundle in UK

Since the initial announcement of the PlayStation 4 – and especially as Sony unveiled more and more of the ways its new home console would interact with its handheld one, the PlayStation Vita – speculation that Sony would inevitably bundle the two together. It seems that speculation was accurate, at least in some parts of […]Read More


New Vita models charge via micro USB

With the release of the upcoming colorful batch of new PlayStation Vitas, the handheld will no longer charge via Sony’s proprietary chord. Replacing it will be a micro USB chord which can transfer data as well as power. The news comes from none other than Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter account, which the fine folks at CVG […]Read More


New Vita models announced for Japan, coming October 10

New lightweight PlayStation Vita models will be hitting Japan October 10. Dubbed the PCH-2000, the handheld will be 20 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter, and come in six different colors. Packaged with the console will be a 1GB memory stick and promises of an extended battery life. This announcement comes alongside that of a 64GB […]Read More