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‘Pikmin 3’ hits Wii U on Aug. 4

Nintendo of America announced today that long-awaited Pikmin 3 will release on Aug. 4, finally setting a firm date on a game first announced as a Wii U launch title.. The game will be available at retail or digitally at the Nintendo eShop. In addition to a firm street date, Nintendo revealed a new pink, […]Read More


‘Pikmin 3’ to be more like the original game, not its sequel

Shigeru Miyamoto recently told GamesMaster that the highly anticipated Wii U title, Pikmin 3, will more closely resemble the original experience and not the second game in the series. While fans seemed to enjoy both of Nintendo’s strategy products, Miyamoto didn’t agree with making Pikmin 2 a less stressful experience. Time limits that were present in the […]Read More


Top 10 Wii U Games of 2013

Another year, another 365 days of gaming goodness to look forward to. Now that Nintendo’s new console is out the door and taking its first steps into the wonderful world of high definition, it’s time to look ahead into 2013 and get our blue-balls on. People have been skeptical about whether or not Nintendo’s promises […]Read More


The Long List of Confirmed Wii U Games

We may not have a date or price for Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware, but we do have quite a few games confirmed for the Wii U. There’s plenty to look forward to in the console’s launch window, and to prove that, our friends over at ShackNews have compiled a list of the Wii U […]Read More