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PAX East: ‘Nun Attack’ interview

Nuns with guns. Really, that’s all that has to be said about Vincent’s mobile strategy game that’s expecting a sequel in the coming months. Nun Attack was one of the silliest games to appear at the PAX East Indie Megabooth, and we got a chance to talk about what went in to bringing all the […]Read More


PAX East: ‘Metro: Last Light’ interview

A simple floor demo may make 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light look like an ordinary shooter, but it’s the game’s atmosphere and narrative that really set it apart. The franchise’s new publisher, Deep Silver, gave us a look at the game during PAX East and took time out of its busy schedule to elaborate on […]Read More


PAX East: ‘Delver’s Drop’ interview

An isometric dungeon crawler doing its best to make it though the Steam Greenlight program, Delver’s Drop grabbed our attention through its creative and colorful art design. We had a chance to talk with one of the game’s leading developers at PAX East, who told us all about this PC title. [youtube id=”FHk6PBIu49c” width=”620″ height=”360″] Leave all […]Read More


PAX East: ‘The Swapper’ interview

The Swapper, an atmospheric  2D puzzle  title from Facepalm Games, looks like it belongs among the prettiest of the AAA titles. However, all the platforming action seen in this tale from space is being brought to you by a four-person team, and we had a chance to talk with the man behind the game’s story at […]Read More