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Skyrim Patches Finalized, Expected To Be Out In Two Weeks

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you haven’t finished The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim yet. With a near unlimited amount of content in a massive open world, most gamers are likely still on the beginning of their journey through the game. This means that there’s ample time for Bethesda to […]Read More


DICE To Patch Battlefield 3’s Tactical Flashlights

First person shooters often find themselves struggling to balance the occasional overpowered weapon. In the case of Battlefield 3, however, the bane of its multiplayer arsenal has been those nifty tactical lights players can attach to a variety of weapons. As it stands, they contain more power than the sun, and one flicker in your […]Read More


FIFA 12 Patch Out Now

FIFA 12 has done well for itself since releasing in September to excellent review scores, but a few nagging issues have persisted with it in the weeks since. Most notably was the ability for players in online matches to switch the user controlled player over to the goalkeeper, and basically put the match in the […]Read More