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SSX Title Update Releases, Notes Included

SSX has been out for just over a month, but there’s no reason to put your board away yet as EA has just released a title update (see: patch) bringing both features and fixes . Most notably, PlayStation 3 users can now use RiderNet Radio using VOIP, allowing up to ten gamers playing SSX to […]Read More


FIFA 12 Patch Addresses FUT & Security Issues

FIFA 12 is a fantastic game, but it’s received a good bit of bad press over the security issues that have stemmed from the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.  While it’s never truly been confirmed, Xbox Live & PSN accounts were hacked from all over the world to purchase FIFA 12 coins. The team behind FIFA at […]Read More


NBA 2K12 Receives Patch to Fix Freezing Issues

For Playstation 3 fans of NBA 2K12, it’s been a frustrating few months.  While it hasn’t hit every gamer on the PS3, a rather large amount of them have been suffering a freezing issue with the game when it is started up. 2K Sports promised a patch, and we’re happy to let you know that […]Read More


WWE ’12 Patch Fails to Fix Server Issues, Game Over?

Fans of the rasslin’ world who also enjoy THQ’s WWE ’12 were initially thrilled when THQ announced that the long-standing Online server problem would be fixed via a patch that released on January 30th. Community Creations could finally be utilized! There’s just one problem: It STILL isn’t working. Users looking to download their favorite stars, […]Read More


Skyrim Patch 1.3 Is Now Available For The Xbox 360

For all the critical acclaim The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has gathered, Bethesda is still, unfortunately, trying to exterminate all the bugs that have been causing problems for gamers. Bethesda announced today that the version 1.3 patch is now available for Xbox 360 users and is due later for the PlayStation 3. It’s primarily designed […]Read More