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‘Mass Effect 3’ sees huge patch this week

Remember that game with the highly controversial ending that released earlier this year? You know, the epic finale to the Mass Effect trilogy? Well, expect the title’s biggest update this week. A multitude of issues will be resolved in both Mass Effect 3’s single and multiplayer modes. Producer Michael Gamble has mentioned that this update “sets us up […]Read More


Mass Effect 3 Face Import Patch Hits Today

When Mass Effect 3 launched, fans were rather vocal about the issues with importing the face of their Commander Shepard.  With fans having so much time invested in the series, something like the incorrect face for your character can be rather frustrating. If you’ve been rather extreme about not playing until the issue was fixed, […]Read More


Skyrim Update 1.5 Now Available on Xbox 360 & PS3

A few weeks ago, Bethesda teased a pretty cool portion of the 1.5 update for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Most of the focus fell upon the updated kill cams, which showed quite a few absolutely brutal takedowns and long range attacks. Bethesda tweeted earlier today that the patch is now available, allowing both Xbox […]Read More


Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Update Goes Live

Fans of Battlefield 3 have been looking forward to finally receiving the latest patch on their console.  DICE & EA have officially released the Battlefield 3 update today which has a rather extensive list of fixes. One of the bigger features that goes live with the patch is the ability to rent servers.  When you […]Read More