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The next Humble Bundle is Origin focused

Well. That’s surprising, to say the least. The newest Humble Bundle is focused around a company that isn’t generally associated with being humble: EA, or more specifically, it’s Origin platform. Like most of the AAA-publisher focused bundles Humble Bundle have put out (i.e. THQ, Deep Silver), this bundle forgoes a lot of the rules that […]Read More

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EA looked to buy out Valve

At the top of the sports gaming world, Electronic Arts has recently been looking to expand. With the acquisitions of PlayFish, Firemint, and PopCap within the social/mobile gaming space, the publisher has shown no qualms with buying out smaller companies for its own purposes. According to a report in the New York Times, though, EA […]Read More


Mass Effect 3 Reduced to 50% Off Today

Fancy saving the galaxy? Well, it’s just your luck that you’ll be able to do so at an affordable price.  That’s right, Mass Effect is on sale for today only at half off of the original price. Amazon is currently holding a deal for Mass Effect 3 at the incredible price of $30.  It’s pretty […]Read More


Crysis 3 Leaked By Origin’s Website

If you’ve been wanting a new entry in the Crysis franchise, well, EA just accidentally leaked their own upcoming announcement.  Clever users were able to stumble upon a search engine result that showcased Crysis 3 on EA’s Origin website. The game was set to be announced in an upcoming issue of the Game Reactor magazine.  […]Read More