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‘Watch Dogs’ box art revealed

In the wake of the PlayStation 4 announcement and Ubisoft’s subsequent reveal of its newest IP Watch Dogs, the publisher/developer has now made public the game’s cover design. If you missed the announcement, Watch Dogs will put players in control of Aiden Pearce, a tech-savy vigilante capable of hacking into and controlling Chicago’s network of security cameras and personal information […]Read More


Rumor: PS4, Xbox 720 to be announced in March

According to videogamer.com and a slew of other reports, Game Informer’s February issue suggests that Sony and Microsoft are planning “special Apple-style press conferences” to officially announce their new consoles. Allegedly, these announcements will occur sometime “near the Game Developers Conference in late March.” GDC will take place March 25-29 in San Francisco. If you’ve kept […]Read More


‘Halo 4’ Majestic map pack arriving in February

Last month, 343 and Microsoft announced and released the first map pack for Halo 4. If you were one of the lucky, attentive few, you may have even grabbed it for free when it was accidentally released for a short time to the Xbox Live Arcade without a pricetag. Now the developer and publisher have announced the […]Read More


New tracks hit ‘Rock Band 3’ next week

Though it’s hard to deny that the Rock Band franchise is dwindling in popularity, EA and Harmonix are still working to keep the series relevant. Their latest attempt comes in the form of New Year DLC tracks for Rock Band 3, as revealed at Rockband.com. Releasing Dec. 30 for Xbox 360, Jan. 2 for Wii, and Jan. […]Read More


‘NHL 13’ Preview

Promoting the biggest relaunch of its NHL franchise in years, EA Sports has been giving the gaming community the hard sell when it comes to NHL 13. Releasing more campaign videos than some presidential candidates, EA is trying their damnedest to show that owners of NHLs 11 and 12 need to upgrade this year, or […]Read More


Official Trophy List for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Launching later today, the PS3 version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, comes with an entirely different set of Trophy-goals than its Xbox 360 counterpart. While 360 players will have to “kill 250 enemies with headshots” and “play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode,” PS3 gamers have it a bit easier, as you’ll see. Sony fans also […]Read More