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Official Achievements for NBA 2K13

This October, it’s extremely likely that your afternoons will be filled with quite a bit of NBA 2K13.  2K Sports announced a few gameplay changes recently that are sending the series in the right direction, and we still haven’t heard of the full feature list. As you continue to count down the days until the […]Read More


NBA 2K13’s Second Dev Diary Focuses on Gameplay

When it comes to sports games, the community typically cares the most about gameplay.  Having great features is one thing, but if your gameplay isn’t fun and engaging then there’s no point in playing those modes. Showing their dedication to delivering a simulation basketball title, 2K Sports has released another developer diary.  Today’s diary, the […]Read More


NBA 2K13 Screenshots & Gameplay Trailer Released

You’ve been waiting quite a long time for this day, but brand new screenshots and the first gameplay trailer have finally been released for NBA 2K13. 2K Sports knows how to build anticipation up for their product, and has continued to keep things under wraps until they’re ready to showcase them.  To this point, we’ve […]Read More


NBA 2K13 to Receive Kinect Integration

You’ve read that right folks, NBA 2K13 will in fact receive Kinect integration.  While we’ve seen the announcement of Jay Z as the executive producer of the game and the cover announcement, nothing official has come from 2K Sports regarding NBA 2K13 and Kinect. That all changes today, as 360Sync uncovered Amazon’s latest update to […]Read More


NBA 2K13 Receives Jay Z as Executive Producer

In a rather surprise announcement, 2K Sports has announced that Jay Z has been working on NBA 2K13 as an executive producer.  Jay Z is a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and has been providing feedback on the music, menus, and the overall look and feel of the game. While we haven’t seen much […]Read More


NBA 2K13 to Receive the Dynasty Edition

In a slightly strange announcement this morning, 2K Sports revealed that NBA 2K13 would be receiving a special edition.  The Dynasty Edition will be special packaging that includes a few added items for gamers looking to pick up the game this October. The Dynasty Edition will include both digital and physical items, but you may not be […]Read More