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NBA 2K13 now available for purchase

After months of waiting, the virtual basketball season is upon us.  With the cancellation of NBA Live 13 last week, the release of NBA 2K13 will be the only simulation basketball fix you’ll receive on consoles this year. Now available at your favorite retailers, NBA 2K13 is officially available today on the Playstation 3, PC, […]Read More


‘NBA 2K13’ gameplay videos begin to go live

While you still won’t be able to get your hands on a copy of NBA 2K13 until Tuesday, a few lucky gamers have managed to score their copies.  If you can barely hold your NBA 2K13 craving, you’ll be happy to know that we have a ton of gameplay videos for you. While we’re including […]Read More


‘NBA 2K13’ demo now available on Xbox 360 & PS3

With exactly a week to go until the release of NBA 2K13, 2K Sports has succesfully released a demo for their basketball simulation title.  The announcement was made yesterday, but the reality of playing the demo starts today. The demo features the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Miami Heat, allowing you to play a 5-minute […]Read More