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NBA 2K12 Receives Patch to Fix Freezing Issues

For Playstation 3 fans of NBA 2K12, it’s been a frustrating few months.  While it hasn’t hit every gamer on the PS3, a rather large amount of them have been suffering a freezing issue with the game when it is started up. 2K Sports promised a patch, and we’re happy to let you know that […]Read More


NBA 2K12 Roster Update Including Jeremy Lin Increase is Now Live

For even the most casual sports fan, you’ll know who Jeremy Lin is.  The undrafted guard out of Harvard has absolutely taken over your Sportscenter broadcasts, Twitter and Facebook timelines, and even water cooler conversations. NBA 2K12 gamers have been wondering when they’ll get the chance to have a little “Linsanity” of their own, and […]Read More


NBA 2K12 PS3 Gamers Experiencing Freezing Issues

For fans of the NBA 2K series on the Playstation 3, it’s been a little bit of a bumpy ride.  Numerous gamers are experiencing a rather large freezing issue on their Playstation 3 when playing NBA 2K12, and a fix has not yet been released. When searching their official forums, you’ll find quite a bit […]Read More


NBA 2K12 Review

For 2K Sports, it had to be a rather nervous year on their part.  While they’ve obviously continued to have great success with their NBA 2K series, it seemed like a rather high possibility that NBA could cancel the full season.  Luckily for 2K Sports, the arguments ceased and an agreement was found. Two of […]Read More