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No Release Date in Sight for The Last of Us

Upon being finally unveiled after a stellar viral campaign, fans became extremely excited about The Last of Us.  While fans are still awaiting the first gameplay footage, one of the biggest questions that often surfaces revolves around the release of the title. With Naughty Dog striking pure gold on the Uncharted series for Playstation 3 […]Read More


The Last of Us Wallpapers for Your Playstation Vita

The teaser videos that lead up to the announcement of The Last of Us were rather interesting.  While people had guesses that were somewhat close, most of the gaming world was floored when they saw the announcement trailer at the 2011 Video Game Awards. To celebrate the upcoming release of Naughty Dog’s latest title The […]Read More


New The Last of Us Screenshots Emerge

A few days ago, Game Informer unveiled the very first in-game screenshots for the upcoming title from Naughty Dog called The Last of Us.  The screenshots were questioned by just about every person that saw them, but Naughty Dog came out to state the game screenshots were in fact in-game. Today, AGB has posted a […]Read More


First In-Game Screenshots of The Last of Us Emerge

When The Last of Us was finally revealed after an impressive marketing campaign, most gamers were floored at the debut trailer.  While the trailer was impressive, most of the game has been up in the air with gamers taking shots in the dark. Game Informer has just released the very first in-game screenshots of The […]Read More